"... to know oneself
is a never-ending journey ..."


John Hoffmann LISW cp
Psychotherapy & Counseling


Crisis is a great motivator for us to suddenly reach out and ask for help from a complete stranger. As moments pass we often minimize the need for assistance and hesitate. "Things really aren't that bad!", or "why would I listen to some bald guy who doesn't know me?"

If you've had pause to consider counseling, then perhaps that is a gut instinct to trust.

To begin, make a short list of your questions or concerns.

Calling me is best! If I don't answer please leave a name and brief message and phone number. I will return your call ASAP.

CONFIDENTIALLY IS KEY! All information on the phone is confidential. If email is better, or safer, for you please do that. At some point before our first appointment we must speak.

Our initial phone consultation is free of charge. We can review the circumstance that brings us together, discuss fees, and location of my office.

Please do not call for your friend, partner, family member or spouse. This first step of picking up the phone and reaching out is an important component of growth.

Cash or Check is collected at the beginning of each session as that allows us time to discuss any issues around payment.

Our first two sessions are approximately an hour in length to get us going!

You will sign a Registration Form when we meet. If I am to speak to anyone concerning your care, you must first sign a Confidentially Release for that individual. We will discuss what Confidentially means for you and me, and what legal conditions might affect it.

Is this a lot? Sorry, that's why I like this picture ... so much coming at us!

I look forward to meeting you.


John (Jack) Hoffmann LISW cp

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